2022 Articles on Old Jobs, New Jobs, Younger Workers, Older Workers, Federal Jobs, and Other Topics

Introduction:  This compilation lists articles and podcasts, nearly all from 2022, on old jobs and new jobs, younger workers and older workers, federal jobs, and other topics.  These articles and podcasts appeared in sources that we consider generally reliable, but we cannot vouch for each one.

Old Job / New Job

How to Politely Decline a Job Offer (With Example Emails), by The Muse Editors


7 Email Templates You Need When You Start a New Job, by Kat Boogaard


The Cure for the Great Resignation: Hire Older Workers, by H. Dennis Beaver, May 9, 2022


6 Ways To Avoid Burning Bridges By Leaving A Job, by Dawn Rasmussen and Jenna Arcand, October 27, 2021


6 ways to figure out how much you should be getting paid—before negotiating your salary or a raise, by Jennifer Liu, Feb 2 2022


Never Accept A Job Offer Until You Do This, by J.T. O’Donnell, January 10, 2022


Younger Workers / Older Workers

How to Job Search After Age 50 with Hannah Morgan (68-minute webinar), from Jobscan, 09.29.21

– The advantages of hiring older workers

– 3 steps to finding a job after 50 

– How to challenge common concerns and share your unique qualifications in an interview

– How to express career gaps or career changes on your resume

– A Q&A with job seekers just like you!

Top 6 Skills Employers Are Looking for in Recent Grads in 2022, by Regina Borsellino, 11/8/2022


Help wanted: No over-50s need apply, by Brett Arends, 09.17.22


7 ways to overcome ageism in the workforce, by Sweta Regmi, 02.10.22


9 Websites That Help Older Workers Find Jobs, by Kenneth Terrell, March 3, 2022


Career Planning For Age 50s, 60s And Beyond – 5 Ways To Adapt Your Late-Career Strategy, by Carolne Ceniza-Levine, February 13, 2022 

Career Planning For Age 50s, 60s And Beyond – 5 Ways To Adapt Your Late-Career Strategy

Top 7 Survival Tips For New Grads In The Workplace, by Dawn Rasmussen and Jenna Arcand, September 22, 2021


Employing Older Workers:  The pace of retirements picked up during the pandemic. Can employers entice these workers to come back?, by Joanne Sammer, February 5, 2022


Welcoming Back Formerly Retired Workers Can Help Ease Your Labor Crunch, BY REBECCA DECZYNSKI, 01.13.22


Federal Jobs

10 Tips to Make your Federal IT Specialist Federal Resume Stand Out!, Rita Chambers, Nov. 1, 2022


What are Your Federal Career Goals for 2022?, by Kathryn Troutman, 01.03.22



Want To Plan More Effectively? Try Using Paper, Study Says, by Dan Bigman

Want To Plan More Effectively? Try Using Paper, Study Says

What Should a Speaker Wear in 2023?, by Nick Morgan, 12.21.22

What Should a Speaker Wear in 2023?

Free Tools For A Better Online Presence, by Hannah Morgan, October 28, 2021


— Tools To Schedule Social Media Updates

— Tool To Save Articles for Later

— Tools to Create Visuals for Social Media

— Places to Find Stock Photos

— Screenshot Tools

— Choosing the Correct Size Image to Share

— Guidelines for How Often To Share On Social Media

— Don’t Forget About Profile and Banner Images

How To Work Stand Up Comedy Into Your Next Speech, by drjim, September 20, 2022


9 Hacks to Help Nail Your Next Presentation, by Chris Kille, September 21, 2022


The Secrets To Great Project Management, by Jim Black, September 13, 2022


What Time Means To Speakers, by drjim, August 9, 2022


How Can You Add Some Glamor To Your Next Webinar?, by drjim, August 2, 2022


Learn How To Write Better Speeches, by DrJim, July 12, 2022


Well Done!’ — How to Get Your Boss to Love Your Presentation, by Gary Genard, Jul 03, 2022 


How to Be a Smarter Presenter When It Comes to Using PowerPoint, by Gary Genard, June 5, 2022


7 Extremely Clear Ways to Tell Someone “No,” by Steve Calechman


Persuasion, Hollywood style–how leaders can enhance their persuasive skills by mastering the craft of the pitch, by Theodore Kinni


5 Easy Tricks to Beat Procrastination You Should Start Today, by AMANDA PRESSNER KREUSER


What Can A Speaker Do To Be Remembered?, by Jim Anderson, May 10, 2022


Yale researchers have a formula for getting in the flow, by Bill Hathaway, April 26, 2022


6 Pro Tips For Writing Copy That Sells, Marisa Murgatroyd, 04.22.22

6 Pro Tips For Writing Copy That Sells

11 Simple Work Tech Hacks That Will Make Your Whole Life Easier, by Monica Torres, Mar. 17, 2022


5 easy habits that will make your job better, by Karen Burns, Jan. 9, 2020


How to get more done by doing less, by Gwen Moran, 01.07.20


Putting Ideas into Words, by Paul Graham, February 2022


Feeling Confused, Overwhelmed, or Lazy? Maybe you’re just scared. Here’s how to break free from procrastination.  by Tonya Lester, February 16, 2022


Avoid these 8 PowerPoint mistakes, by Dawn Wotapka, February 3, 2022


5 Copy-and-Paste Calls to Action You Can (and Should) Use in Your Emails, by Kat Boogaard


The rise of the 15-minute meeting — and how to run one, by Lucy Handley, 01.25.22


This Is the Email to Send When You’re About to Miss a Big Deadline, by Sara McCord


Fix These 4 Common Barriers To Daily Planning, by Alexis Haselberger


  1. You’re not actually planning, you’re “reviewing” or “updating”
  2. You’re too tired to plan
  3. You always prioritize that “one last email”
  4. Planning always seems to take way longer than you expect

5 Biggest Mistakes in Virtual Meetings, BY KELLY DECKER, 01.04.22

5 Biggest Mistakes in Virtual Meetings

Creating A Tagline That Packs A Punch, by Lisa Perry, January 10, 2022