LinkedIn and Other Social Media

On your LinkedIn page, above and to the right of your head shot, is a large rectangle, known as your background image. The default option for this image looks like the night sky — a blue background with stars in constellations.

Instead of retaining this default option, you can make this large space work for you by inserting content that reinforces your “brand.” It’s a great way to help a reader see you the way you want to be seen. The custom background “can make your profile stand out and put itself in a category of one,” said William Arruda, who Entrepreneur Magazine dubbed the “personal branding guru.”

Social media platforms like LinkedIn and Facebook are an increasingly important tool in any job search.

As a job seeker, you can publicize your past successes, sign up to receive alerts about relevant jobs in your area, and check out people who work at a potential employer. As an employer, you can check out prospective employees and look for candidate who may fit your needs — even if they are not looking for a job right now. This is called stealth or passive recruiting.

To get a new job, dozens of things need to go well for you. However, your approach to two seemingly insignificant items may make the difference in whether you land the job.