Resumes and Cover Letters


Lisa Rangel’s 10-point Resume Cheat Sheet

Andy LaCivita’s Career Achievements Journal is an excellent way keep track of your accomplishments:

Peggy McKee’s e-book, “How to Write Attention-Getting Cover Letters” 

JobAssist’s Resume Builder

JobAssist’s Qualifications Matrix


“Ron” has great credentials — he has excellent degrees, and has worked for top-notch employers. Two years ago, however, despite his excellent performance and through no fault of his own, Ron’s employer terminated him. Since then, Ron has taken on several short-term gigs; they keep his income flowing and keep him active.

assume that you’re not the only person who applied. Perhaps 10 — or 500 — other people also applied. Therefore, it is critical that your resume stands out.

one standard resume and use it to apply for diverse jobs, you’re wasting your time. Instead, it is now widely accepted that you must carefully customize your resume for each vacancy.

In this issue, we begin our discussion of resumes by addressing two issues: What is a resume? How long should your resume be?