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This is the second is a series of articles about online resources, especially free resources, that can help in your job search.

Peggy McKee founded Career Confidential in 1999. According to her LinkedIn profile, her website has provided free assistance to more than 1.5 million job seekers. It also claims she has helped over 21,000 clients in 90 countries, coaching over 1,000 individuals via Skype or recorded phone sessions through such issues as transitioning to a new career field or preparing for executive-level interviews.

She provides a great deal of free advice through webinars, articles, downloadable reports, and e-books. For a fee, she also offers podcasts, coaching, and other services. Some of her free material may be found on her company’s web site,, and on her LinkedIn page, (a good resource for relevant articles).

The examples below are but a small sample of her offerings. I encourage you to explore the two websites above.


McKee offers a wide variety of webinars. “Why Online Applications Are Killing Your Job Search” and “60 Minutes and You’re Hired!” are two of her recent ones. Although her claims about what you will learn seem rather ambitious to me, she does provide a lot of valuable information.

In “Why Online Applications Are Killing Your Job Search,” she promises to teach why you must stop applying online for jobs, how to get interviews faster than ever, and how to find the right person to contact at any company.

In “60 Minutes and You’re Hired!” she presents the best ways to present yourself to your (hopefully) future boss, answer salary questions, and avoid weak language that keeps you from advancing.

You can find a list of upcoming webinars at


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McKee’s LinkedIn page includes links to over 140 articles. Here are three articles from 2017 that I’d recommend:

“Job Interview Tips: 3 Opportunities to Make a Great Impression in the Interview”

“How to Stay Motivated in Your Job Search”

“3 Simple Things You Can Do to Strengthen Your Resume”

Downloadable Reports

McKee offers a variety of downloadable reports. Just be aware that you may have to listen to a lengthy sales pitch before you are able to download the report. Here are just a few examples of the reports available:

“How to Write Attention-Getting Cover Letters”

“How to Answer Interview Questions: 50 Tough Questions – Answered”

“Guide to Getting a Job Over 50”


Finally, McKee has several e-books available on and elsewhere. Some of these are free; for others, there is a small cost. Here are two examples:

Perfect Interview Answers: Answers for the Top 3 Tough Interview Questions (no cost)

How to Ace Your Phone Interview ($2)

The bottom line: Peggy McKee offers a great deal of information about your job search, much of it for free. I encourage you to explore both her company’s website and her LinkedIn page to gain a full appreciation for what she has to offer.