From time to time, we will highlight sources of free online information that can help in your job search. Although these sources are typically for-profit ventures, to interest people in their services they provide some information for free.

Today’s focus is Chameleon Resumes ( Lisa Rangel is the company’s founder and managing director. Her free services include webinars, “cheat sheets” on resumes and LinkedIn, an e-book, weekly podcasts, and a blog. Although she states that executives are her target, there is much of value here for executives and non-executives alike.


Rangel provides periodic webinars on writing resumes and using LinkedIn. The webinars last about an hour. If you sign up for an online seminar but then can’t watch it live, you can usually get a link to view it for a couple of days afterwards. You can learn about upcoming webinars by visiting and clicking on Events.

Warning: Rangel typically provides only a few days’ notice before these webinars.

“Cheat Sheets” on Resumes and LinkedIn

The resume “cheat sheet” includes pithy comments about various sections of the document, such as contact information, summary, work experience, education. Similarly, the LinkedIn “cheat sheet” explains the importance of having a professional photo and a complete profile and details the amount of available space for various fields and the more effective content for those fields.


“99 Job Search Tips from an Executive Recruiter” (available at explains how your LinkedIn profile can help hiring managers find you, how you can find your own job leads, and how you can use Google to avoid bad employers.

Weekly Podcasts

Earlier this year, Rangel started a series of weekly podcasts, about 10-12 minutes each, on the theme “Pretend You’re Fired Today.” The premise is that even though you could be fired with little or no notice, you are not prepared to start searching immediately for a new job. Be proactive, not reactive!

Topics so far have included:

Pretend You’re Fired Today: My Story Behind the Podcast

Executive Resume Trends in 2017

Finding Keywords to Optimize Your Resume

How to Write an Achievement-based Resume Recruiters Will Love

Tips to Write a Powerful CIO Resume

Blog Posts

Rangel frequently adds blog posts to her website at Recent blog posts include:

Is Your Resume Readable on Mobile Devices?

Frequently Asked LinkedIn Profile Questions Answered

Common (But Important) Resume Questions Answered

7 Ways Recruiters Will Attract and Hire Talent in 2017

To learn more about Lisa Rangel, visit her LinkedIn profile at

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