Andy LaCivita’s Career Achievements Journal

by David Marwick, KempMillJobAssist

March 29, 2022

Keeping track of what you have achieved at work is very important.

It can help you craft a resume, get ready for an interview, and prepare for a performance review. 

Andy LaCivita, a highly regarded career coach, has compiled a free Achievements Journal to help you capture 14 relevant elements of each achievement.

He suggests that you complete this journal for every project, whether it took 1 day, 1 month, or 1


When you’re deeply involved in a project, you have all of the details at your fingertips, but–with the passage of time–the details may become fuzzy, and it may be hard to reconstruct them later, especially under pressure.

Therefore, he suggests that you capture this information as you go, because this helps assure that it is fresh in your mind and accurate.

To illustrate the level of detail in this Journal, here are three elements:

STATISTICS: Identify anything quantifiable. This includes budget, timeframe, number of resources, number of customers, etc. Capture anything that shows magnitude and impact.

BUSINESS PROBLEM: Identify the high-level business problem you and your company are trying to overcome, improve, and so on.

THE PLAYERS: List everyone involved from stakeholders, contributors, key team members, units within your organization, partners, and vendors to customers or companies who are benefiting from your project.

For example, in an interview, you will likely be asked to talk about (that is, tell stories about) various tools you used, obstacles you overcame, and goals you accomplished.

These stories will be more compelling, and credible, if you include the specifics of the situation.

You can download this great resource at:

Who is Andy LaCivita?

After earning his B.S. in Electrical Engineering, he worked for Accenture for 10 years.

He then became an executive recruiter, and in 2015, he started the Milewalk Academy, which

provides career and leadership coaching.

You can learn more about him at

In addition to various for-pay programs, he provides lots of free content through his website, and his YouTube channel.

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