Federal Job Search—Corliss Jackson

by David Marwick, KempMillJobAssist

November 6, 2023

Federal government jobs are highly sought after because of their pay, benefits, and stability.

Corliss Jackson specializes in helping people land a federal job.

You can learn more about her at https://www.linkedin.com/in/federaljobresults/

She frequently offers a free 30-minute webinar entitled “Cracking the Federal Job Code.”

(You can find the schedule of upcoming events at:


I found a link to an 80-minute version of this webinar (although it is not clear when it was recorded) at:

She has posted a series of short podcasts on her YouTube channel (https://www.youtube.com/@corlisstjackson), including:

— Job interview tips (2 minutes)

— Schedule A hiring (6 minutes)

— Targeting the right federal job (5 minutes)

— Writing an effective cover letter (19 minutes)

— Networking tips (1 minute)

— Perfecting your elevator pitch (7 minutes)

— Building your federal resume in USAJOBS (14 minutes)

— Responding to the self-assessment questionnaire (7 minutes)

— Format and writing tips (12 minutes)

— Students – Recent Graduates – Crack the Code to Your Federal Internship (15 minutes)

— Creating your account profile on USAjobs.gov (14 minutes)

Curiously, I did not find a link on her website (www.FederalJobResults.com) to these podcasts.

On her website, you can also find information about:

— Schedule A / Disability Resources

— Students / Pathways / Internship Resources

— Veterans / Military Resources

— Federal Salaries and Pay Charts Resources

— Federal Benefits & Personnel Information Resources

— Federal Agencies Not on USAJOBS.gov (she lists 22 such agencies).

As with other profit-seeking career coaches, she presumably offers some free information in the hope that you will be induced to buy some of her paid services.

It is worth keeping in mind that state and local government agencies also hire lots of people and offer many of the same benefits.

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