Resumes for Summer Jobs

by David Marwick, KempMillJobAssist

February 4, 2024

To apply for most jobs, even summer jobs, you will most likely be asked to submit a resume.

A resume is a marketing document.  Its purpose is to entice a prospective employer to set up an interview with you.

Therefore, a resume should provide the information that can help a prospective employer make that decision and, to the extent possible, should be customized/tailored to a specific job opening.

A resume is not the same as a CV (curriculum vitae), which lists–often in gruesome detail–what you’ve done since you graduated high school or college.

There are two basic types of resumes:  (1) federal government resumes and (2) other resumes.

Federal government resumes generally need to provide very specific content in a very specific format. 

If you need to create a federal resume, there’s lots of helpful information at Kathryn Troutman’s website, and at Corliss Jackson’s website,

Other resumes should include

  • contact information, including your name, address (city and state only), phone number, and LinkedIn profile URL (if you have one),
  • education, focusing especially on the courses and projects that are most relevant to your target position,
  • work experience, again focusing especially on experience that is most relevant to your target position, and
  • other information that is most relevant to your target position.

Andy LaCivita provides an excellent guide to resumes for young job seekers, along with an example, at:

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